AI : Marketing (Response and opinion)

This article is written in English. Actually this article is going to be my assignment for making class.

I think AI is the most interesting article for me.( )

So I searched how AI change marketing .

Before talking about this question, I’m going to talk about What is marketing.activities

Basically marketing are included Advertising,Promotion,Research,Product Development, Branding, and Sale …(more)
I’m going to focus in Advertising on the Internet.Any activity has been affected by AI, but I choose internet Adsense. The reason I choose internet Adsense because I already made money from this blog to use internet Adsense.

When I think about AI; Google Ads come to my mind.
My blog’s ads are not google ads; but on the internet, Google ads alone is responsible for 54% of the ads on the internet while Facebook is responsible for 45% the other companies on the internet only occupy 1%.
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Google ads advertises things on your home page based off of things that you search up a lot. For example if you search up a lot of stuff about basketball they assume you are interested in basketball and make hot advertise things such as balls, jerseys and shorts. This would be an example of AI using on the internet advertising.

My opinion is  “AI should be used more, especially in the education world”. If schools use AI more it could be easy to study, because AI search student’s weak points and it could give practice question or something for student. It means students do not have to spend time to analyze their weak points it make time to study, and also increase study efficiency.